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About My Art

About My Art

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 photograph of the artist by Jessie Parker

Artist's Statement

Landscape and the placement of human figures in a landscape setting have always played a significant role in the subject matter of my art. Often these subjects derive from places that I have visited and people that I have seen, which I then transform to create a new visual representation. In my paintings, this transformation involves the simplification of forms and the development of strong and sympathetic colour schemes.

I like to play with the stylistic elements – light, line, colour, shape and texture, often separating them and reassembling them as fragments within confined geometric spaces. In all of my works the development of strong colour and colour combinations that work well together is a prime objective.

Although acrylic painting on canvas has been my major medium for over four decades, over he past several years , I have also been creating digital mixed media and photo-based digital works of art. These are digital creations derived from photographs that I have taken and/or scans of my drawings. I work with these elements on the computer screen, manipulating and adding to the visual elements using various software programs. The final works, often whimsical, puzzling and infused with a sense of mystery, are then printed onto either canvas or archival paper.

COPYRIGHT INFO: All of my paintings and digital art were produced from my own original imagery and are copyrighted. All rights reserved. This means that any images purchased are for personal use only and therefore may not be reproduced in any form, resold, or used for any commercial purpose without the written permission of the artist (Robert Arnold) and payment of the appropriate copyright fee. Please note that all images have an electronic watermark, called Digimarc, which can track any unauthorized download worldwide. This watermark is not visible to the naked eye.

To contact the artist, email to :mailto:[email protected]

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